The Legend Of The Five

Opening 29 June 2020
Not yet rated, 97 mins

Starring Lauren Esposito, Tiriel Mora, Jordan Dulieu.

Things have not been going well for Zoe. Her
mother died, her father dragged her to
Australia for work, and now she's trying to fit in
at a new school... and failing. At a school
excursion, Zoe ends up away from the group,
and in a heated argument with four students
who could not be more different – Owen,
Javier, Caitlin and Kaylee. During the fight,
Zoe finds herself accidentally handling an
ancient staff, only to have it burst into light!
Ushered to a side room by Dr Rawson, Zoe
and the others find themselves able to unlock
an ancient cube, teleporting them to the
outskirts of a magic forest! Once there, hunted
by a beastly guardian, Zoe meets an ancient
man who tells her that she and her friends are
elementalists, able to control the forces of
creation. She is also told that the person who
brought them here, Dr Rawson, is actually a
centuries old sorcerer, hellbent on using them
to draw power from “the Tree of Knowledge,”
which will destroy the forest, and ultimately,
the world. Together, the five children fight
through the forest, deciphering puzzles, and
pushing past its bizarre inhabitants, to face off
against Dr Rawson, save the tree, and
somehow, find a way home.

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